Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Fall!

We've had a really fun couple of weeks and everyone's been working hard on our studies of North America, the solar system, and fish. We also started our studies of plants, which we will be studying in more detail in November. We also wrapped up our study of October's peacemaker, Cesar Chavez, explored Mayan math and writing, and studied the origins of Halloween from the Celts and the Romans.

We also had our visit to the Lego Lab on library day:

Followed by a picnic on the capitol grounds.

That was a really beautiful day and we had such fun enjoying the pleasant weather and playing Kick the Can under the oaks.

Halloween week was a lot of fun as well. On the day of our celebration and science exploration, the children made their own snacks (thanks for sending in all the necessary ingredients - your contributions were all appreciated!). We made spiders, frankensteins, owls, and witches broom sticks, along with pumpkin juice.

The science experiments went on all day. Here, we are making pink slime.

And here, polymer worms.

Here's the gang at lunchtime, getting ready to enjoy our feast.

And last, but certainly not least, our jack-o-lanterns turned out great. After much discussion, we carved one happy and one scary face.

Also, thanks to all the families for coming out to our open house Friday night. It was such a delight to see families present in our classroom and get a chance to share your child's work with you.

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